The Low Latency voice chat gamers deserve

Lead your team to victory with a performance-oriented voice chat.

sonix voice chat

Focus On The Victory

Instant audio broadcast

No need to wait half a second before getting an answer from your team.

Minimalist & Intuitive

Focus on your game, not on your tools. SONIX is a voice chat that keeps things simple and straight to the point.

Designed For Teams

SONIX is designed for Esports teams and gaming crews, not focused on individual communication.

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Performance You Deserve

Pure Audio

SONIX offers the highest quality voice chat audio which reduces cognitive fatigue and improves your concentration, so you don’t miss any crucial information during your match.

Proven Low Latency

Our innovative and proprietary technology makes SONIX the fastest voice chat in the world, actually saving 100+ms. This allows you to communicate with your crew as if they were right next to you.

Secure Audio

Due to the lack of server use, all audio goes straight from the transmitter to the receiver, resulting in a safer environment without any data conservation on unknown external servers. Furthermore it saves energy from not using them. For privacy purpose, all the audio is encrypted


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