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Highest Quality Audio

Sonix is a sound expert that offers the best audio quality to reduce cognitive fatigue and make sure you don't miss any information during your online games.

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Lowest possible latency

Through a mix of optimising existing and adding proprietary technology, Sonix is the fastest voice chat application in the world. It helps you gain hundreds of milliseconds and allows you to hear your allies as if they were right next to you.

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Team features

Sonix is focused on improving team performance. Current and upcoming features are designed to optimize team comms both during training and tournaments.

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Sonix doesn't rely on large servers with high power consumption, which means it's a more sustainable option.

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Due to the lack of server use, all audio goes straight from the transmitter to the receiver, resulting in a safer environment without server data conservation.

The beta is here!

Being part of our Beta will give you access to great benefits, such as:

  • Getting early access to the fastest VoIP app with highest quality audio.
  • Participating in the app development and providing your personal -feedback.
  • Testing the paying features for free, during the beta period.

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"Sonix is a great alternative audio software for gamers who want to focus on the game. It’s much simpler than something like discord with faster connection speed and better quality audio."

Curt DeLong

Niner Esports Overwatch Team Green Member

"Sonix worked perfectly, the low ms transmission played a huge factor in our victory, I was glad I got to use this new software, it was truly a game changer"

Gabriel Herterich

Niner Esports Overwatch Assistant Manager

“I was able to clearly hear my teammates in real time to coordinate attacks, which helped me out a lot in supporting the attack”

Marcus Kirkland Jr

Wingate University Esports Overwatch Team Member

"Sonix proved to be a reliable option for communication. It was overall a great software!"

Bailey Breedlove

Niner Esports Overwatch Manager
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Chat Room

Aside from audio, Sonix also provides an ultrafast chat.


Share your screen content live with crew members in a call.

Audio Recording

Record clips of the best moments to relive later.

Up to 12 users in the same call

Unlimited players in the crew


Share your reaction through a unique type of 'audible emoticons.

And more features upcoming!

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